Demand, capacity and flow


Introduction Though Lean may seem as a toolbox of individual, independent tools, a holistic view quickly proves that all elements of Lean are intertwined. To achieve end-to-end flow, all elements must be balanced out. Besides throughput improvement measures, other factors such as workplace organization methods, total productive maintenance for increased

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Systems thinking


Introduction Arguably we live in a complex world. Competition is rife across all industries, rich countries are losing their leadership in innovation and breakthrough ideas, because emerging markets are competing on creativity as well as cost. Our political and macro-economic environment is influenced by rapidly changing events. Much is being

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Strategy/Policy deployment

An Introduction In many businesses, substantial focus is being placed on strategy and the definition thereof. However, few enterprises manage all key aspects of strategy and its application coherently, therefore are unable to align their organizations to achieve their set goals. In this post, I am seeking to address the

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